Together we succeed, what is denied to Individuals

GAIA by Infinity GmbH & Co KG

It´s time for a paradigm shift

Now – after two industrial revolutions in the 19th and 20th century – centralization & automation – we are proud to present:

Electrical Energy Autarchy

Our GBI – Power Unit constantly produces electrical energy – fully independent from weather, time and place.

Active Project Research

GAIA Energy GmbH supports entire GAIA Group with project research and development.

Finished projects will be prepared for marketlaunch.

Our current development is a autonomous grid-free mining container (powered by GBI-Power Unit)

Energy autarchy meets modern crowdfunding

We actively support the GAIA Group with financial demands to strongly follow independency. We offer most rewarding Investments money can buy with Breakthrough Technologies.

Global Association for
Independent Energy & Altruism

With more than 2500 members GAIA claims beeing the biggest germanspeaking community for independence in Europe since 2011. GAIA as community is strongly following the idea to achieve, what is denied to Individuals.
GAIA is focussed working on projects in:

Energy & TechnologyEducation & Knowledge

Health & NutritionEconomy & Finance

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